Eighth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics

18-21 November 2019, New Delhi, India

Theme: Statistics for Transformation of Agriculture to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Call for Abstract Submission - Online Submission during April 10- May 15, 2019

This is a call for statisticians, economists, researchers and analysts engaged in food, agriculture (crop, livestock, fish and forests) and rural development sector to participate in the upcoming Eighth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS VIII) in New Delhi, India, 18-21 November, 2019. ICAS VIII will cover a wide variety of methodological, operational and strategic subjects having bearing on agriculture and rural development, including use of technology for modernizing statistical systems and generating statistics.

Thematic sets for concurrent sessions, pillars/sub-themes and provisional session topics are 

Theme Pillar/Sub-Theme Provisional Session Topics
1. Data Analysis / Data Integration 1.1 Surveys 1.1.1. Methodology for integrating surveys
1.1.2 Sampling Frames
1.1.3 Sampling Methodology
1.1.4 Yield and Production Forecasting and Measurement
1.1.5 Innovation in Agricultural and Household Surveys
2. Data Sources / Data Collection/ Data Quality 2.1 Statistical systems 2.1.1 Agricultural census in the framework of an integrated data collection system
2.1.2 Cost-efficient Censuses of Agriculture
2.1.3 Role of Surveys in Producing Official Statistics
2.1.4 50 by 2030 Initiative
2.1.5 Building a Systematic Approach to Agricultural Statistics
2.2 New Technologies 2.2.1 Remote Sensing
2.2.2. Technologies for Data Collection
2.2.3 Frontier and Innovative Technologies
2.3 Emerging Issues 2.3.1 Data Quality
2.3.2 Administrative Data
2.3.3 Measuring the Role of Women in Agriculture
3. Data Dissemination & Communication 3.1 Data Dissemination 3.1.1 Data Dissemination
3.1.2 Open Data
3.1.3 Big Data
3.1.4 Artificial Intelligence
4. Use of statistics for policy making & research 4.1 Farm Economics and Policy 4.1.1 Farm Income and Farm Economy
4.1.2 Credit and Investments in Agriculture
4.1.3 Use of Data for Policy Making
5. Food Security, Poverty, Rural Development and Social Dimensions of Agriculture 5.1 Food Security 5.1.1 Food Security Assessments
5.1.2 Food Insecurity Experience Scale
6. Sustainable Agricultural Production and Consumption 6.1 Sustainable Food Systems 6.1.1 Measuring Sustainable Agriculture Production
6.1.2 Food Loss Assessment
7. Natural Resource use in Agriculture 7.1 Resource Statistics 7.1.1 Natural Resource Statistics
7.1.2 Livestock and Fishery Statistics
8. Climate Change and Environmental Issues 8.1 Disaster Assessment 8.1.1 Disaster Assessment
8.1.2 Climate Change and Environmental Issues
9. Social protection and risk mitigation measures in agriculture 9.1 Social protection and risk mitigation measures in agriculture 9.1.1 Social protection and risk mitigation measures in agriculture
10. Capacity building in Agricultural Statistics 10.1 Capacity Building 10.1.1 Country Capacity Measurement
10.1.2 Country Capacity Building
11. Monitoring the SDGs 11.1 SDG Indicators 11.1.1 Measuring SDG Indicators
12. Other 12.1 Other 12.1.1 Other

Proposals for abstracts of the papers to be presented at the Conference can now be submitted. Online submission of Abstracts will be open during April 10-May 15, 2019. The proposal for papers should submit an abstract in English of about 500 words. The title, keywords, names of all of the authors, their institutions, city, country and the e-mail address would be required. Abstracts should be submitted online by May 15, 2019. Abstract acceptance will be communicated by 31st May 2019. Abstracts accepted for oral/poster will then be asked for submission of full papers. You need to register online using the link Sign-UP in the menu bar at https://icas2019.icar.gov.in before submission of abstracts.


For any questions regarding paper proposals, contact icas2019@icar.gov.in

Further Information visit: https://icas2019.icar.gov.in